Zigbee Scene Controllers

Scene Controllers are very smart and pre-configured settings that can organize multiple devices and settings with just a touch of a button or simply a voice command can also do the work. One can access multiple devices depending upon the scene you’ve chosen. Such controllers save your time by allowing you to get your desired work done quickly and help you save energy at the same time. Scene Controllers are the smart devices that allow control of multiple accessories using Automation and various actions can be triggered with a single click only.

Customers should have to have the scenes configured in device manufacturer’s apps and they can easily control multiple devices. Also customers can control these scene devices via voice interaction using Google Home, Amazon Alexa etc. Scene Controllers allow each device arranged within it to be set to a particular desired state. Scenes only contain devices managed by the device manufacturer’s app through which customers arrange the scenes.

You can build your own Smart Home network with easy to install NUOS Smart Switches that run on Zigbee technology. It supports easy one-touch control of up to four individual scene/preset save and implementation wirelessly. That means you can program four different mood/scene/favourite profiles such as Dinner mode, evening mode, morning mode and many more to the switch. Hence, you can easily turn on/off multiple appliances, devices and lights to create your desired ambiance in just one click, while entering or exiting the room.

NUOS Zigbee Scene Controllers are an ideal retrofit, wireless and modular solution that enables control, monitoring and automation of home appliances and lights through voice and touch using smart displays turning your ordinary electrical appliances and lights into smart connected devices from just about anywhere in the world. They can be mounted on any flat surface in the home and it comes with four touch buttons. Hence, the ease of using them, app and cloud based service, and ability to create up to 4 different scenes for Zigbee enabled device controlling is what makes it different from others.

NUOS Zigbee Scene Controllers come with wireless and manual control for one-touch/pre-set implementation which can work with Android as well as iOS user applications. It can retain states of all devices/circuits even when there’s a power cut and is also able to load all the scenes under 10 ms on resumption of power. You can rename scene names on each mobile/user device connected with the controller. It supports change of settings through cloud from anywhere in the world.

NUOS’ minimalistic yet modern design makes the installation of products easy and hassle-free. NUOS products are built with a goal to enhance and simplify everyday human life while protecting the environment.

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