Thermal Scanner

During this time where we are dealing with the pandemic and taking all the precaution that we can from wearing masks to staying at home, we also have to take care of the fact any person can get affected. We cannot totally lock ourselves down when it comes to grocery shopping or going out for some emergency work. While doing this we come across each other and have to make sure that we are in a safe environment. 

Thermal scanners are the new normal. India’s first touchless is now available with the help of NUOS. NOUS is a home automation company that designs some outstanding world-class products to make your home smart, comfortable, and beautiful. 

What is a thermal scanner?

Thermal scanners help in detecting the body temperature of an individual. It detects if the individual has a body temperature above normal in no time. There are many thermal scanners available but they require an individual to hold it for detecting it for someone else. The person holding it in a dangerous situation, and an unsafe environment. But what if we have a thermal scanner that works on its own without human intervention?

At NUOS you’ll get to see a thermal scanner that is touchless and easy to use!

How does a thermal scanner work?

The best thing about this scanner is it does not require human intervention and does it all by itself. It needs no human intervention and automatically detects the person standing in front, using infrared sensing. The other thing about it is it doesn’t require a battery to charge itself and is self-sustainable. The installation process is quite easy and doesn’t require technical skills to do it.

Thermal scanner uses?

The different place where we can install this scanner is the Entrance of our societies, workplaces, different medical facilities, homes, restaurants, malls, schools. The scanner will detect the temperature of the person within the range of 10 centimeters. The measuring range of the detector is about 20 °C to 45 °C. The best part about the scanner is that it does it in no time that is 1 second!

What is the use of a thermal scanner?

It’s simple!

When a person stands in front of it with temperature around 33°C to 37°C within 10 cm of the detector, the blue indication LED starts Blinking and the bell rings once on the other hand if the body temperature is between 38°C to 41°C the Red indicator blinks and the bell rings for about  5 times, stipulation a problem

Thus, With the increase in the number of cases and the economy of the country at stek it is high time to take action and fight Covid-19. And what better way than to take some good precautions and keep ourselves safe and secure. Come let us Join NUOS to help us fight this and make the world a better place.

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