In the midst of the current coronavirus pandemic, people across the globe are advised to maintain social distance and wear masks in order to prevent the spread of this harmful virus. While a few may not be as terribly affected as those that have underlying medical conditions and weakened immune systems, it is important to maintain guidelines set by our respective authorities and carry out safety procedures. However, distancing, masks and treatment are only basic methods to slowly but carefully eliminate this unseen threat. To pave our way through this time, technology is available that was unfortunately out of reach from victims of the previous pandemic. We now have what we call the Thermal Scanner.

What is a Thermal Scanner?

Thermal Scanner is a device that can read an individual’s temperature and assess if he may or may not have a high body temperature. Using infrared sensing, it is held before an individual at just above eye level and it is able to carefully evaluate the person’s current body temperature. If the temperature is normal, it is no cause for alarm and at the time the person is not seen as a risk and is allowed to pass through the entrance of the public area he wishes to enter. However, if that individual were to have a high temperature, the scanner would display the temperature and raise a small alarm indicating that he may be ill or carrying an infection.

What is the use of a Thermal Scanner?

They can assess Body Temperature from a distance.

High Temperature indicates if an individual is sick or infected.

Ability to display temperature quickly.

The NUOS IR Touchless Thermal Scanner is mounted on a wall or surface at eye level and does not require physical handling to operate

Lack of personal touch does not pose the risk of transmitting infection.

To be placed at the entrances of public areas, like schools, colleges, workplaces, malls, stores and housing societies etc.

What makes the NUOS IR Touchless Thermal Scanner different?

You may be aware of the current Thermal Gun that is held up by an individual or security guard at the entrance of a hotel, lodge, shop, malls, schools and housing complex. This still requires touch and compromises the health of the person scanning the Visitor or Resident. Among the other Thermal Scanner uses, you will find that the NUOS IR Touchless Thermal Scanner, is India’s first ever Covid19 safety device to ensure a clean, infection free space. The Scanner is completely touch free and automatically detects the person standing in front, using infrared sensing. This device can be mounted on the wall or surface at the entrance of any public location to ensure a smooth, safe system in place.

What are the Features of the NUOS IR Touchless Thermal Scanner?


Detects Elevated Body Temperature.

Results within 1 second.

Sound and Light Indication.

Battery Less.

Plug in and Play.

Auto Tuning Feature.

Distance Sensor.

Temperature Unit Adjustment.

How does a Thermal Scanner work?

Thermal Scanners work by recording the rise in temperature and displaying the recorded numerical data. They do this with the help of infrared sensing. Before they were widely used for the Coronavirus Pandemic, they were used by Military, Aviation and by Firefighters to detect sources of heat or people trapped in tight or discreet locations. Now while a regular Thermal Scanner requires Human intervention, the NUOS IR Touchless Thermal Scanner is…


Functions automatically. Button Pushing or Screen Touch is unnecessary.


Detects the temperature of the person within the range of 5 to 10 centimeters.


Blue indicator LED remains on during scanning of individuals and stays on when nobody is standing in front of the Scanner, signaling that the device is functional.

What happens when someone stands in front of the scanner?

If the Body temperature is between 35°C to 37.8°C

 > Blue indicator LED Blinks > Alarm Bell rings once.

If the Body temperature is between 37.8°C to 41°C

> Red indicator LED blinks > Alarm Bell rings for 5 seconds, signaling a problem.

When the person moves out of range from the Scanner

> Blue indicator LED turns on and remains on till next body scanning.

NUOS Home Automation is the first ever Indian company to launch an Infrared Touchless Thermal Scanner. 

If you would like to get in touch with us or if you have any doubts regarding FAQ’s or installation procedure of the NUOS IR Touchless Thermal Scanner, feel free to contact us here.

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