The word SMART is in vogue at all stages. A sensational lifestyle, a charismatic experience, a good life, is what people are thinking, talking and discussing at all platform universally; and there is no reason why they shouldn’t? The dream isn’t fantasy anymore, it has become the reality touching our lives. 

Today, we live our day by the Smart Phones, it’s our one tool for do it all; we track our health, fitness and well-being on a tiny little wonder wrapped around our wrist called “Smart Watch”; during leisure when craving good entertaining time for self or with family & loved ones, we often discover and share our emotions in front of large captivating screens, a box of revelation offering Internet to personalised recommended shows through popularly called Smart TV; and with so much fascination around the world, the government is slowly catching up in their attempt to be sustainable and relevant, promising every year many more new Smart City, to the yet known smartest species of this planet.

Now, with so much happening around, did you ever feel that a major piece of your life remained untouched by this astounding phenomenon; we bet you must have wondered when will the place where you spend 90% of your time when not at work – H.O.M.E – will turn into a shrewd, smart, intelligent place.

We didn’t have to wait very long. We have come to age, evolved and matured, to reap the benefits of Smart Home. Nevertheless, a lot of us are still unaware and ignorant to what is a Smart Home, skeptical of it as another expensive high-flown gimmick motivated for business and profit, another overrated hype, probably a Pandora’s box that can harm us more than do any good. Now, we are not trying to guarantee you anything; however, assure you here, we will explore this together, and will try to unravel and simplify the topic and leave for you to decide, how good or bad it can be – a boon or a bane?  

What is a Smart Home?

We can again write a very long description here; However, it won’t work and will create more confusion. Let us understand this with our self-experiences. We want you to close our eyes and think of all the daily challenges with our home when we are outside our home. Think of basic stuff, day-in and day-out activity which involves home. Now open your eyes, and look at some of the points we have noted below, which we think most of us will be able to relate to:  

  1. Did I lock the Doors? 
  2. Did I shut the windows?
  3. Did I switch off the fan, lights, air condition, washing machines, clothes dryers, refrigerators, water heaters, dishwashers, etc.
  4. Did I leave my Television, Monitors, Music Systems running?
  5. Did I set the House security alarm 
  6. What is my kid doing in Home?
  7. Are my old parents okay in Home?

If you were able to relate to any one of the basic struggles above, you have reason to read further where we will cover in detail, how Smart Home is the answer to the above difficulties.

** To Be Continued ** 

We don’t stop here. In this age of chip and information, our lifestyle, interests and priorities have been rapidly shifting, and beyond controlling our appliances remotely, saving energy, we look forward for luxury and fancy living, we want to create an atmosphere inside our home where we want to control the room brightness and music volume, to color of lights, etc. This is what a Smart Home can offer you today.

Also, until recently Smartphones and Home Automation was available only for larger commercial buildings and expensive homes. Not anymore. Your Fantasy from Yesterday, is the reality today. If you think you are convinced that Smart Home is the right thing for you. Write us @ and we help you to transform your Home to Smart Home spending as little as possible in a fraction of the cost you would have thought a few years back.

Live more, Worry Less.

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