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Weighing out your options over required health necessities can be tricky during a worldwide panic inducing pandemic. Since you are getting different opinions and safety measures thrown at you from all directions, you can’t really know what you are doing right or wrong. So it is best to do your research in a timely manner, before coming to a conclusion.

At the moment, intense investment is into Thermal Scanners. What are Thermal Scanners? Infrared devices that help determine the body temperature of a person and to ascertain if the individual is ill or not, depending on symptoms like high fever.

General Uses of Thermal Scanners

To select individuals that may carry infections or diseases.

To highlight high body temperature.

To inform authorities of data recovered from scan.

To quickly administer results from temperature check.

Handheld Thermal Scanner

In the rush to ensure public safety people turned to the next available necessity besides sanitization, quarantine and the face mask in order to contain the virus. As numbers shot up day by day, co-operations imported handheld sensors on a large scale, which were miniature, portable, battery operated devices. How these Thermal Scanners work is that in order to function they have to be held up by an individual and carefully scan each person or visitor entering the vicinity. This would definitely jeopardize the health of the individual scanning the visitors and he himself is at risk of passing on the virus. Whereas the NUOS IR Touchless Thermal Scanner, that is India’s First ever Covid19 safety device, does not need manual operation to scan.

Upon inspection you will know that the basic function of both the handheld scanner and the Touch less scanner, are the same, to verify your current body temperature. But the usage and required functioning of each of these devices are vastly different

Cons of a Handheld Thermal Scanner

Infrared Thermal Guns require to be manually operated and is a tiresome procedure.

Infected persons touching the device will pass around the virus.

Short shelf life because of battery necessity.

If the individual doing the scanning wishes to protect himself by standing behind a screen, the scanner is not strong enough to detect high body temperature through the screen, therefore creating this shortfall.

Can be easily stolen.

Why is the NUOS IR Touchless Thermal Scanner preferable?

The NUOS IR Touchless Thermal Scanner, unlike its counterparts, does not require the need to touch or manually operate this device. After the installation is complete, which in itself is a simple procedure, the owner needs to wait for 30 minutes for the device to auto set up and then it will perform. It is

Non Touch.

Detects Elevated Body Temperature.

Results within 1 second.

Sound and Light Indication.

Battery Less.

Plug in and Play.

Auto Tuning Feature.

Distance Sensor.

Temperature Unit Adjustment.

How do you install the NUOS IR Touchless Thermal Scanner?

Unbox the package.

Mount the sensor on the wall with either screw or double sided industrial tape provided in the package.

Connect the adaptor to socket.

Switch on the socket and let the device stay on for 30 minutes before use.

Not to forget that the NUOS IR Touchless Thermal Scanner’s lack of battery and automatic functions do not leave it to be manhandled or accidentally damaged. This gives it a longer shelf life, and ensures a smooth safe health system in place.

If you are worried about the health and safety of your family members, friends, colleagues or employees, feel free to contact us and we will guide you to making safe, healthy decisions for all! You can reach out to us here.

Stay Safe! Stay Healthy!


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