With the increase in the number of cases, there are some technologies that are yet not feasible to use when it comes to maintaining social distancing. Yes, the Thermal Scanner Infrared Forehead Digital Thermometer Gun that we are currently using around the globe needs to be handled by another person in order to check the temperature. Be it the security guard in the society or any individual outside the supermarket, mall, lodges, etc.

We are told to maintain a distance of 1 meter from each other when moving out for any sort of work. But when it comes to the individual holding the sensor it’s not followed which can be something to worry about. This puts the whole area in danger of getting infectious. How about if we change the way we use the product?

How about if we make it Smartmand Touchless?

What are Handheld Scanners and How are they used? 

These scanners are used to check the body temperature of an individual.

The Scanner is placed in front of an individual’s head held by another person to detect the body temperature. The scanner takes a couple seconds to get back with the result.

Are they safe enough?

Right now these scanners are absolutely not safe to us. Because it requires another person to hold it for detection which completely compromises an individual’s safety and breaks the rule of social distancing.

What are  NOUS Touchless Thermal Scanners?

NUOS has come up with India’s first ever smart safety measure to ensure safety and keep the area infection free.

 The NUOS thermal scanner is Touchless and automatic which detects the body temperature by standing in front of the sensor.

 The sensor can be attached on the entrance of a society, mall, lodge, restaurants, Institutions etc.

It does not require any human intervention as it is touchless and automatic, detects the temperature at the distance of 5-10 cms.

What is the difference between the Touchless vs. Handheld Thermal scanner?

  • The Handheld Scanners required a person to hold it to detect the temperature,but in the case of the NUOS Thermal Scanner it’s done automatically.
  • The Handheld Scanner takes a couple seconds to detect the body temperature,whereas the Touchless Scanner does it in one second!
  • The  Handheld Scanners require batteries to be changed at require batteries to be changed at regular interval of time, but the Touchless Scanner at NUOS doesn’t need a battery at all
  • The Touchless scanner at NOUS has a functionality of providing sound and  visible light to give the result, which cannot be seen in the Handheld ones 

Why to use the Touchless Thermal Scanners?

  • Touchless Thermal Scanners at NUOS are hassle free.
  • Helps us maintain social distancing  
  • Quick Results
  • Easy to use
  • Plug and Play
  • Battery less
  • Sound light indication

How does the NUOS Thermal Scanner Work?

  • When a person with a body temperature between 33°C to 37°C stands within 5 cm to 10 cm of the detector, the blue indication LED starts blinking and the bell rings once.
  • When a person with body temperature between 38°C to 41°C stands within 5 cm to 10 cm of the detector, the red indication LED starts blinking and the bell rings 5 times, stipulating a problem.
  • When the person moves out from front of the detector the detector blue indicator LED again gets turned on and stays on.

You can contact us here at NUOS regarding the product or get in touch with us for the installments on our website https://www.nuos.in/nuosthermalscanner/.

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