Are you looking to buy a new home? Are you planning to upgrade your home? Are you willing to add some smart features to your sweet home to make it a smart home? If your answer is yes to any of these questions, then the first thing to understand is the start point of the job. Converting your house to a smart home will be a big task if you do not know the right way to start and what you should add. 

For some, home automation involves everything from temperature control to smart lights and a garage, while for others, it might be limited to just lights and no garage. Additionally, the cost aspect is still there for smart home automation. So, let us explore the guide to know in detail the right way to go for smart home or home automation. 

The General Home Automation Tips

Starting from selecting the home automation company in India to knowing the right facts that make smart home automation the right choice for the homeowner are crucial when you start planning. The top tips about the home automation facts are as follows:

  • Multiple devices define smart home automation; the selection should be based on the actual need of the homeowner. 
  • Automation is simple as well as a complicated and integrated solution. The choice of the model should focus on your tech-friendly nature. 
  • You can control smart home automation from mobile, touchscreen, or voice-controlled devices.
  • The smart home model should be simple, convenient, friendly, and time-savvy. 

Selection Of Types Of Device

Converting the home into a smart home is done with the help of the devices. A range of devices can be installed and operated with just a click to make your house a smart home. But the selection of devices should be based on the buyer’s actual needs. Usually, beginners get overwhelmed and go on a spree when buying smart devices. This can lead to unnecessary expenses and additional costs which are not required. 

So, here are the top devices that you should know about when you are transforming to smart home automation:

1] Custom Automation System

Most home automation companies offer you the opportunity to go for customization. The idea is to get those needed devices and fit your budget. Additionally, it considers the size of your home, the actual requirement, the location-based need, and the overall budget of the homeowner, which is indeed pro-choice. 

2] Smart Speakers

Indeed the most basic addition to the list of smart devices is the smart speakers. This is a device available in most households and can help with basic functionalities. It responds to inquiries spoken verbally and uses a built-in virtual assistant feature to control many aspects of your house. So, if your requirement is pretty basic, this might be enough. 

3] Thermo Device

One of the most common devices suggested by the majority of the home automation company is the thermo device. It helps to regulate the temperature of the house as per the weather. Additionally, it will also signal to close the drapes Or the need to water the garden, which is an added feature. 

4] Motion Sensors

This is indeed one of the most important parts of the smart home automation device needs. Motion sensors are very helpful at night as they guide you about the path. Additionally, they will signal, which is a security feature in case of any intrusion. 

5] The Hub

A hub is a device that serves as a hub for all of your gadgets and can be used to automate them. However, if your home’s Wi-Fi is spotty, your wireless smart home system may experience communication issues, such as lights not turning on when you order them to.

6] System Sets

Additionally, there are a few systems sets that you can opt-in parts or combinations for the smart home. It includes a light control system, temperature control system, security system, and others. Also, there are a few different cleaning systems that you can also install in your house if needed. 

The Cost Aspect

Last thing to check while going for home automation as a beginner is a cost. Everyone has a budget of their own, which should be kept in mind when going for home automation. The factors that define the cost include:

  • Size of the house
  • Level of automation needed
  • Device installation required
  • Quality of installation
  • Selection of services and features


Home is for always, and there is no doubt that you put your heart and soul into designing your sweet home. Going for home automation is important but knowing the right way to start the process is crucial. Understanding the devices, budget, and following basic tips can help you move ahead with smart home automation more simply and quickly. Connecting with the best home automation company in India, Nuos Home Automation will allow you to design your dream smart home with ease and all the features included. Take guidance from the experts and get the best smart home automation result in no time.

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