Technological advances have drastically changed our lifestyle. We get the help of technology on every step we take. Be it booking a cab, ordering food, name it we do it just with few taps on our smartphones. As technology has reached every nooks and cranny of our lives, it has not left our home! Home automation has revolutionized the way of living with the help of smartphones! It has given the control of the home right in our smartphone which makes it more desirable. These products not only are intelligent but also it’s unique and beautiful design adds richness in the decoration of the house.

Our customer, Mandar Phansalkar, installed NUOS Smart Switches. He was impressed with the system. He wanted a solution which will help him to control the lights whenever he comes home. Hence, we installed NUOS switches which were perfect to his expectations.

“When NUOS team showed the automation system, I was impressed with the technology they provide. The switches are user-friendly and their beautiful design adds the charm to the decor of my home. Since these switches are controlled from anywhere, gives me the ability to switch on the lights beforehand I reach home. It gave me the full control of the lighting of my home.” – Mandar Phansalkar, IT Specialist.

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