From centuries, there was only one person in every house who earned for his family. The women took care of the house and look after the rest of the family members. But as time changed, both mother and father earn money. Having a successful career takes a toll on family life where both of the parents have to juggle between their professional life and personal life. With the setting trend of a nuclear family, it has become more difficult for parents to look after their child.

Bless the technology, it has provided a solution which will reduce the stress of the parents about their children’s security. NUOS provides the IP camera, motion sensor, door sensor, and occupancy sensor which are integrated with the smartphone sends a notification on the phone if there is an intrusion in the house. With the help of the IP camera, you get the live feed of your house and you can keep an eye on the house.

One of our customer, Mrs Siddhi Saijan, recently installed NUOS Smart Switch, NUOS IP Camera, and NUOS Motion Sensor. She and her husband, both being working parents, wanted a system which will help them to monitor the house while they were away from their home. Since all the NUOS products are integrated to NUOS mobile app, they can get updates and live feed of the house.

“As working parents, our child’s safety is always paramount. NUOS and their sensor-based system have made our life really easy and stress-free. The installation and activation were handled quite efficiently and we had it working no time. From the comfort of our rooms, we can manage the lights and get the updated view of throughout the house on my phone, especially in the kid’s room, without having to worry about our child being scared.” – Mrs Siddhi Saijan (Dentist).

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