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IP Camera Integration


IP Camera Integration

Dimensions: N/A

Description: Integrate your IP Cameras on NUOS App and have full control on one platform.
Works with Android & iOS User Applications and is compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Home & Apple Watch.
It's Smart, Modular and Easy to Install.

Weight: N/A

Networking Interface: N/A

Communication Range: N/A

Buttons: 4 Touch Buttons for controlling 4 individual scene/pre-sets

Power Method: Communicates with up to 6 wireless touch switches in the same room

Power Supply: N/A

PoE: N/A

Maximum TX Power 2.4 GHz: N/A

Antennas 2.4 GHz: N/A

Wireless Security: N/A

Data Rate: N/A

Mounting: N/A

Operating Temperature: N/A

Operating Humidity: N/A

Certifications: N/A

  • Keep a watch on your kids even while being at your office or keep a watch on who enters or leaves your home by NUOS app. Can be used with any IP enabled branded camera.
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