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:NUOS: products are intelligent, intuitive and designed for perfect retrofitting. With:NUOS: smart switches and sensors, you don’t have to face any hassle of re-wiring or renovation. Just replace your existing switches with:NUOS: and enjoy every minute of your new life.


:NUOS: Smart Switch

Sleek and stylish, retrofit into your existing switchboard and enjoy your personalised NUOS experience.


  • Enables manual and remote ON/OFF of lights and fan
  • Allows regulation of the dimmer to control the
    intensity of lighting & fan speed
  • Available in a choice of 20 colour options


:NUOS: Occupancy Sensor

Receive an alert on your smartphone on every intrusion. Know of a potential threat and take necessary action.


  • True Occupancy Sensor which detects the presence of a person.
  • Also detects Fire Hazards
  • Security: SMS Alert

:NUOS: Motion Sensor

Detect any movement & accordingly automate your system.


  • Helps you to conserve energy
  • Security: SMS Alert

:NUOS: Door Sensor

Need security? Go for door sensing! Gives you alert when presence is detected at the door. Specially when you are not at home, you get SMS notification if it detects person’s presence.

Security: SMS Alert


:NUOS: IR Ecosense

Enjoy the comfort of the right temperature in your room or the convenience of tuning into your favourite TV show from your mobile phone.


  • Measures the temperature and humidity in your home
  • Controls multiple devices like AC, TV with your mobile phone


:NUOS: Curtain Controller

No need to get up from your bed, watch the sunrise lying in your cozy bed. Our curtain controller module lets you control your curtains by 0 app.

You can even Open/Close the Curtain using a switch on your bedside.

:NUOS: Door Lock Controller

Put your mind at ease by integrating your Door Access Control with your NUOS Home Automation system. Lock or unlock your doors remotely from wherever you are. Get notifications on your mobile phone.

:NUOS: Voice Controller (Amazon Alexa)

For days when you can’t be bothered with the mundane, tell Amazon Alexa, which can now be integrated with your 0 NUOS system, to turn the lights off or on, adjust the AC Temperature or even switch channels on your TV. With a few simple voice commands you can make sure your house is safe and caters to yours and your family’s needs without moving a finger.

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