Zigbee EcoSense Sensor

Zigbee EcoSense Sensor

Zigbee EcoSense Sensor


  • Wireless & Retrofit
  • Measures Ambient Temperature and Humidity
  • Can Trigger Safety Alert
  • Cloud Connected with In-App Visualisation and Analytics
  • Easy Setup
  • Works with Android & iOS User Applications

Note: Available in standard black and white colors. Additional colors can be made to order.


  • This sensor includes a resistive-type humidity measurement component and an NTC temperature measurement component, offering excellent quality, fast response, anti-interference ability and cost-effectiveness.
  • The temperature and humidity data is communicated over Zigbee to the NUOS Zigbee Gateway and the appropriate actions based on the Safety Mode (triggering safety alert SMS & In-app Notification) are triggered by the Gateway if the mode is enabled.
  • Has in-built Zigbee and acts also as a repeater for Zigbee Mesh Network.
  • Can be accessed in dual mode – local only through the same WiFi network as well as through cloud from anywhere in the world for seamless connectivity using Android and iOS Application.
  • Supports ease Safety Mode Enable/Disable from mobile application.
  • Support IFTTT for taking action based on certain triggers.
  • Supports change of settings through cloud from anywhere in the world.

Attentions of Applications

  • Operating conditions – Applying the sensor beyond its working range stated in this datasheet can result in 3%RH signal shift/discrepancy. The sensor can recover to the calibrated status gradually when it gets back to the normal operating condition and works within its range. Please refer to (3) of this section to accelerate its recovery. Please be aware that operating the sensor in the non-normal working conditions will accelerate sensor’s aging process.
  • Attention to chemical materials – Vapor from chemical materials may interfere with sensitive-elements and debase its sensitivity. A high degree of chemical contamina on can permanently damage the sensor.
  • Restoration process when (1) & (2) happen – Step one: Keep the sensor at the condition of Temperature 50~60 ℃, humidity <10%RH for 2 hours; Step two:Keep the sensor at the condition of Temperature 20~30 ℃, humidity >70%RH for 5 hours.
  • Temperature Effect – Relative humidity largely depends on temperature. Although temperature compensation technology is used to ensure accurate measurement of RH, it is strongly advised to keep the humidity and temperature sensors working under the same temperature. Sensor should be mounted at the place as far as possible from parts that may generate heat.
  • Light Effect – Long time exposure to strong sunlight and ultraviolet may debase sensors performance.
  • Connection wires – The quality of connection wires will affect the quality and distance of communication and high quality shielding-wire is recommended.
  • Other attentions – * Welding temperature should be below 260 ℃ and contact should take less than 10 seconds. * Avoid using the sensor under dew condition. * Do not use this product in safety or emergency stop devices or any other occasion that failure of sensor may cause personal injury. *
    Storage: Keep the sensor at temperature 10-40℃, humidity <60%RH.


  • Switch plate of type 2 mod


  • Please check NUOS Zigbee Gateway configuration for setting up and configuring the gateway.
  • Push the NUOS Sensor inside the switch plate till it snap fits.
  • Connect the Red Wire from behind the sensor to the Line/Live wire of the electrical circuit.
  • Connect the Black Wire from behind the sensor to the Neutral wire of the electrical circuit.
  • Make sure the wiring connections are tightly secured by insulation/electrical tape to above lose connections and arcing behind switchboard.
  • Close the switch board once the wiring is completed.
  • New switches and sensors automatically associate with the gateway on power-up and can be added in the desired room using the user application.
  • Please refer to the installation manual for detailed process with images.


Dimensions: 54 mm x 48 mm x 45 mm
Weight: 100 g
Networking Interface: Built in 2.4 GHz Zigbee variants available
Temperature Measurement Range: 0-50 ℃
Humidity Measurement Range: 20-90%RH
Temperature Accuracy: ±2℃
Humidity Accuracy: ±5%RH
Power Consumption: 50 mW
Power Supply: 85 – 265 V AC, 50 – 60 Hz, 1ph
PoE: N/A
Maximum TX Power 2.4 GHz: +/- 1.5dBm
Antennas 2.4 GHz: Internal PCB Antenna
Wireless Security: Supports AES 128-bit Encryption
Data Rate: Supports wireless data rates of up to 250 kbitps
Mounting: Snaps into switch plate
Certifications: RoHS, CE Class A Compliance (Self Declaration)

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