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Office automation system is a combination of both hardware and software’s smart technology solutions that optimizes and automates existing daily business operations. It is pretty similar to home automation as it doesn’t include any human interventions and adds efficiency to your workspace. An office automation system streamline day-to-day tasks, reducing manual efforts and allows the office space to function more efficiently and effectively.

As the need and expectation for better and advanced technology-equipped offices make their way into the workplace, there are practical automation tools or solutions that can transform your space into the smart office of tomorrow. Office automation is mainly computer and (Information Technology) IT-oriented systems that are often required for performing various office works. In today’s digital age, office automation systems are turning into an essential affair as it offers a range of benefits for organizations irrespective of its size. A good automation system supports and strengthens the overall business operations and workflow. Full-scale automation can completely change the game for any office or organization’s business workflows.

There are endless advantages of automating office workflows that are enough to make you understand what role an automation system can play in offices. As everything gets automated hence, it reduces the manual efforts to do daily tasks and ultimately human errors can be eliminated. Such automation systems are user-friendly and supportive and save time which increases work efficiency.

All this reduces the labour load on a single task which makes extra room for undertaking multiple projects simultaneously. The smart technology is capable of identifying any potential issues and serves you with a sound business solution. It also provides safety and security from any internal or external threats. It’s high time to upgrade your workplace and take the leap towards office automation and make your office automated to provide you with enhanced efficiency, security, and comfort. Organizations that automate their offices can save a lot of time, money, and resources. It eventually allows their workforce to focus and work better on the things that bring true value to the company.

NUOS Home Automation is a well-known brand in the automation industry that offers high-end automation solutions with cutting-edge technology for any of your spaces. NUOS’ indigenously designed and manufactured world class products for smart and secure spaces provide you exactly what an optimal automation system asks for.

Some of such products are, the Zigbee Scene Controller which can change the mood of employees in the office according to the time and needs, eventually leading to better functioning, IR Blaster can control the office ACs and Smart Screens, Curtain Motor Controller for controlling the Curtains, Smart Door Lock Controller for locking and unlocking the office doors, so you can control the access of your employees and limit their entry to certain parts of the office should you desire to do so, Zigbee Door and Motion Sensor for detecting the presence of a person.

Apart from all these NUOS also offers a Touchless Thermal Doorbell Switch, IR Touchless Thermal Scanner for detecting a person’s elevated temperature, Gas Leak Sensor to prevent any fire incident, Zigbee Air Quality, and CO2 Sensor to give you an idea of the quality of the air you’re inhaling in this polluted environment, Zigbee Power Sensor to give you daily or weekly updates on the units of electricity the office has consumed, Zigbee Lux Sensor for measuring the ambient light intensity because, the employees should have optimum lighting systems, especially during their working hours so that they do not feel drowsy, lethargic or too overstressed for work. Effective lighting improves productivity and efficiency.

The NUOS’ products offer a cloud-based security system that can be easily managed remotely from anywhere across the world with just a few clicks of your smartphone. The time-saving, hassle-free and convenient and hands-free unlocking methods from the user’s smartphone can help during and even after this pandemic. The sleek, modern, and retrofit design of NUOS smart switches can fit right into a modern office environment. You can go with our whole range of office automation today and see how far you can go with your office automation.

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