When you come home from the office, all you want to do is relax for time being. But, isn’t it annoying when you can not find your AC remote? With our NUOS IR-Ecosense, you will never have to go through the ache of losing the remote every time. NUOS IR Ecosense not only controls AC but also the television. It is connected to your smartphone so that you can change the temperature or a tv channel as per your wish.

It senses the humidity and the temperature of your room. And you can then control it through the smartphone from our NUOS mobile app. The best feature of the sensor is you can turn on your AC beforehand and keep at the right temperature. So that once you arrive at home, you don’t have to wait for the AC to turn on.

NUOS IR Ecosense works in the same way for TV as it does for AC. You can ON/OFF the television, change the channel and increase or decrease the volume.

Through the NUOS IR Ecosense, you can experience an indulgent comfort at your fingertips and personalise an ideal comfort setting on a schedule. For more of our products you can check out the following link


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