Discoveries and inventions made by humans are dominating our lifestyle. Our curious mind made us discover and invent the ways to make our life easier. From the invention of stone tools to artificial intelligence, human life has changed drastically from time to time. There was a time when people laughed at the idea of man flying. And now, we have reached beyond our solar system, and are in the process of finding another earth-like planet.

All this was made possible by the technology. A never-stopping technological evolution has made a great impact on every nooks and cranny of every field, such as science, medical, education, transport and much more. Smartphones and the internet are the components of the technology that plays a vital role in this evolution. Today technology has helped us to make our homes smart. With the development of home automation, we are able to experience an effortless lifestyle. Along with this, the technological advancement of voice control has become a cherry on the top. Amazon Alexa is one of the many examples.

Amazon Alexa was launched in November 2014. It was inspired by computer voice and conversational system shown in science fiction movie franchise ‘Star Trek’. Alexa controls home automation, streaming music, weather reports, managing alarms, messaging, emails and sports updates. You connect the Amazon Alexa to your all the appliances and you can control them with your voice over commands.

You need to download the companion app on your smartphone from which you can install the skills(control music, manage alarms, viewing shopping list etc.) as per your desire. Alexa is always listening hence, immediately executes your command.

It was launched in India in October 2017. It was launched along with more than 12,000 skills and was available only on Amazon Online Store. But soon it will be available in 20 cities across India at the retail stores like Croma, Vijay Sales, Reliance and so on.

Amazon Alexa has more advantage if you have home automation system installed in your home.  If you have our NUOS Home Automation system installed in your home, we can integrate it with Amazon Alexa and vice versa. As it allows voice control, you can verbally give commands and Alexa will execute them. So, when you come home, you can simply say, “Alexa, switch on the lights” and it will switch on the lights. That’s how easily it works.

Amazon Alexa will definitely make home automation more efficient and smooth. Even though Alexa is not exactly like J.A.R.V.I.S., but it will definitely help you make your life indulgent.

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