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Want to make changes in your home lighting to make it look more beautiful and elegant? Tired of fighting over who will switch off the lights before sleeping? Well, worry no more! NUOS Home automation is here to help you out! NUOS’s variety of range of products which are controlled automatically from NUOS mobile app and manually, will give you exactly what you want in just one click. NUOS Smart Switches will turn your regular home into a smart home!

NUOS Touch Base Double Switch:

These NUOS smart switches look sleek and elegant. They not only enable manual(single touch) and remote ON/OFF(NUOS mobile app) of lights and fans but also, allow regulation of the dimmer and control of pre-set personalized scenes according to your lifestyle and mood. They are perfectly retrofit, designed to be plug and play and are easy to install. All you have to do is, to plug them into the existing switchboard. These switches can regulate and control up to two electrical devices. The advantage of the smart switch is, it has low power consumption and capacitive touch which makes it more efficient to use. The range is available in 20 colours so that you can select the colour which perfectly matches the interior of your home.

With the help of NUOS smart touch switches, you can easily control the lighting of your home as per your mood.

So, what are you waiting for? Go to the following link and check out the NUOS Home Automation Smart Switches and other products as well.

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