Be it on the vacation or in the office, we can’t help but think about leaving our home unattended. To eliminate this worry, we have the right solution for you. NUOS Smart sensors, our home security product will help you to keep your home safer.

NUOS Occupancy sensor

The NUOS Occupancy Sensor detects the presence of a person in your home. If it happens, you will receive an alert on your mobile through NUOS mobile app. The best feature of this sensor is that it conserves power as well. It also automatically switches lights, fans, and AC ON/OFF.

NUOS Door/Window Sensor

The NUOS Door/window sensor is placed on the inner side of the windows and doors. If there is an intrusion, it will automatically send you a notification on your smartphone.

NUOS Motion Sensor

The NUOS Motion Sensor is equipped with motion response which automatically lights, fans, and AC switch ON/OFF. The sensor not only provides the user with the convenience but also helps to conserve the power.
It also sends the notification to your phone through NUOS mobile app.

With our high-tech and intelligent sensors, you can improve your home security and leave home stress free.

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