With the revolutionizing technology, humans are able to find the solutions for every problem. Technology has changed the persona of all the aspects of human life. It has been making our life easier and more comfortable. With the expanding use of smartphones and internet, we are able to control and access everything with few clicks. This has made simple for home automation industry to make our homes smart, indulgent and secure.

For decades, we have been using lock and key systems to lock the doors. Locking the door with one metallic door lock does not make our home safe. The chances of losing the keys, lock picking or door breaching are very high. That’s when smart door locks come into the picture. Smart door locks are the best solution to avoid such situations

Hence, we at NUOS, have the NUOS Door lock controller which is one of our many home automation products. Once you install it on your main door, you don’t have to worry about the burglary or forgetting to lock the door. The NUOS Door lock controller is controlled through your smartphone with our NUOS mobile app. You can lock or unlock your door from anywhere in the world. If some intrusion happens, The NUOS Door lock controller sends a notification on your smartphone.

With the help of wireless access, it has removed the possibility of losing keys. Also, you never have to keep thinking about if you’ve left your door lock or unlocked. You can enter or lock the door with just one click on your smartphone.

With the NUOS Door lock controller, you can leave your home without having to worry about locking the door, making your home safer and alert.


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