Technology has not left anybody behind in transforming them from a simple to a smart solution.

As technology is evolving, it is making our life smoother and hassle-free. Thanks to home automation, it is helping us to live our life painlessly. Curtains serve a basic purpose yet technology has made it smarter and made our life easier.

Curtains are used for many centuries. They serve a basic purpose of stopping the light coming into the house. Curtains are one such part of the house that you will find in every house. It not only serves a purpose but also acts as a gem in interior designing of our house. Right curtains which match the interior of your house add an elegance to the ambiance of the house.

With the touch of technology, automatic curtains have become one of the latest trends in the home automation industry. They can be controlled through a remote or a switch and you can get the right amount of sunlight in your house. The curtain controller can be integrated with our NUOS Home Automation system. It can be controlled through our NUOS mobile app as well as with NUOS smart switches.


With the technological wonders, we are not far from living our life effortlessly.


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