Touchless Thermal Scanners

The Government of India has now made it mandatory for all the shops, workplaces and societies to carry out screening of their members and keep a record of body temperature. The Thermal Scanners that are being used currently need a man to hold it in order to check the other person’s temperature.

This process can now be considered quite risky when the government wants us all to maintain social distancing. Not only this but the currently used thermal scanners are being exported by other countries which in turn make it more expensive.

NUOS is the first Smart Automation Company in India that has come up with the idea of a Touchless thermal scanner. These scanners are easy to install and handy to use.

They save a lot of cost in comparison with the current one, as it does not require a person to hold it. Not only this but it also saves on the battery cost. 

The installation requires no high tech skills and can be done in no time. Once the lockdowns are lifted the workplaces, institutions, offices, shops will be bound to inflow the employees, students, customers etc. The thermal Scanner will help us detect the temperature and restrict the person entering. This can help us control the situation at a very large scale and cease the spread of the virus.

This can not only be used in the mentioned place but also outside our houses which can help us detect the temperature of people around. The Thermal Scanner is an all in all pack maintaining safety at times of crises.

With the increase in the number of cases and the economy of the country at stek it is high time to take action and fight Covid-19. And what better way than to take some good precautions and keep ourselves safe and secure. Come let us Join NUOS help us fight this and make the world a better place.

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