Sustainability and energy efficiency are key requirements in smart home design. Thanks to the use of technology and automation, life at home becomes not only simpler and more comfortable but also more energy-efficient. Let’s see how smart devices make your smart home energy efficient.

Smart lights: Save on energy consumption

Home automation in metro cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, a fundamental step is the automation of the house lights with the voice (Alexa or Google Home) or via the app (iOS or Android). In this case, a simple option is to choose lights with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity, to manage them without major problems with any smart assistant. In addition, with LED lighting from home automation companies, it is possible to save on energy consumption or use the dimmable models to adjust the lights’ intensity.

For a more detailed solution, it is advisable to install lights with more advanced technologies, able to guarantee faster and more efficient communication. Good solutions are the lights with Zigbee or Z-Wave modules, to be controlled through a central smart hub for a faster and more reliable connection. However, it is possible to manage the lighting with the smartphone via the app or from the smart speakers with the voice in both cases.

Intelligent sensors: another Bright Idea

Smart home automation in India works thanks to a series of intelligent sensors to transform analogue signals such as temperature detection into digital commands. In this way, it is possible to automate various devices or to set reference parameters for their activation or deactivation. For example, you can install temperature sensors to automatically activate the air conditioner above a certain value and turn it off below another. One can buy these devices from smart home automation companies.

Similarly, it is possible to use motion sensors for the automatic switching on of the lights only when a person enters the room, a practical solution that can reduce energy consumption. Equally useful are the smoke detectors, perimeter sensors to be mounted on doors and windows for greater home security, or monitoring any gas leaks or flooding. If you’re considering a complete modernization of your home appliances, you can be overwhelmed by the choices of smart solutions in the form of Smart Touch Switches. Your time is precious. Therefore, if convenience, security, and energy savings are your top priorities, look for a complete system from NUOS Home Automation –

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