Safety of the house is foremost priority of everyone. Having a peephole fitted in the door isn’t enough to keep the watch on the outside area of our house. With the increase in the number of crimes, home security has become a topmost priority of every house. Thanks to technological development, our such problems are now being sorted. Technology has largely helped the home security system to improvise its mechanism, making it clearer and safer. Security alarms, security cameras and other security devices are being used day by day.

Thanks to home automation industry, it has made securing the houses easier. For the people living in bungalows or flats, a security camera is the most effective device to keep watch on the surroundings of the house. These surveillance cameras capture the video footage of what is going around. There are various types of security cameras are available in the market today. CCTV Camera, IP Camera, Motion detector camera, indoor camera, outdoor camera and much more which are helping us to safeguard our houses. But IP camera is becoming more popular these days.

The IP Camera (Internet Protocol Camera) functions as web camera but it is used as a surveillance camera to keep an eye around the house. The live video footage shows us what exactly is going around the house. The IP camera comes with the wireless technology which clears out the cluster of wires in the house. It gives the sense of safety that our home is secured and we are able to keep the watch on it.

The IP Camera is not available in NUOS product range yet. But our NUOS mobile app can be integrated with any existing IP camera, which will give you a live video feed.

The developing technology is giving us the advantage of living our life stress-free. It is helping us to become more vigilant.


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