Covid has affected the economy of every other business across the world. The hotels, B&Bs and home stay are some places that can not be stopped from using but at the same time can be affected at a very large scale due to constant human interaction.

Hundreds of people walking across the same aisle can cause unwanted trouble.

Interaction during Checking in, Checking out Payments, Room services, etc can be risky.

Some of the high end hotels have been converted into lodges for the doctors and nurses if they want to self-isolate themselves for a couple of days, where the government is ready to take care of them without ceasing. With this going on it is quite important to keep the places less interacted, and what better way than to make the hotel and homestays smart and automated.

Technology has helped us achieve and conquer many mountains. This is the right time to showcase its strength by automating the hotels with smart appliances, where the human interaction can be reduced and we can achieve our goal. Keeping social distancing and avoiding multiple touch points, mobile apps and voice control is the way to go.

IoT Tech can personalise the room experience just the way you want according to your comfort. The voice assistance can help us engage with room services. Operating different devices such as TV, Lights, Curtains can be done easily with voice commands.

NUOS has such beautiful and stunning smart products which helps us achieve this goal of minimal touch and human interaction during this time of pandemic.

Make your place smart and safe now with NUOS Home Automation.

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