Covid-19  has impacted everyone one of us around the globe. Its spread has drastically brought changes in the society, economy, and different aspects of a Nation. Each one of us is taking precautions to avoid the virus in the best way possible. Quarantining ourselves has become the new mantra for us. But are we safe at home? Don’t we interact with the things around us at home? 

The most important factor in spreading the virus is interaction with different surfaces such as Turning on/off devices like lighting and fans, Turing air conditioners On/Off or changing settings, Operating curtains/blinds, Opening automated door locks without touching door handles. We cannot stop using things around us. There is no way out of this until we make our homes smarter. 

A smart home has now become a necessity. This can not only increase our efficiency but also help us increase our hygiene. The best part of the Devices is, that they work efficiently without any physical human interaction. This can help us stay far away from the virus in return for protecting ourselves, our home, and our community. And what better way to achieve our goal with the help of NUOS Automation.

NUOS is a Home Automation designs & manufactures world-class products for smart & secure homes. The best part about the products is they map themselves according to your need and requirements. They are hassle-free and provide the best surveillance. These products are Google Home and Amazon Alexa compatible. 

We at NUOS have come up with some of the best smart automation products such as Intelligent Lightning, Indulging comfort and convenience, home security, and home safety and analytics. These products are easy to use and give us the best output for our requirements. NUOS has recently come up with India’s first IR Touchless Thermal scanner. This can help the community to fight in the best way possible and decrease the cases in no time.

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