How effective are Thermal Scanners in detecting people affected by Coronavirus?

With the onslaught of the Covid19 pandemic around the globe, scientists and healthcare workers are still trying to piece together the solution to battling this virus. The healthcare workers in each country are utilizing their own methods to try and bring patients out of the danger zones, considering that there is no official treatment or vaccination to curb this illness. In the process, those with weak immune systems and those of the older generations are suffering the repercussions of this pandemic. As we go further into the year, it has been discovered that even the younger generation is picking up the virus. It is a known fact that it will be a while until a vaccine will be developed.

What causes the Coronavirus?

The virus was being passed around mid-2019 unknown to medical researchers until its discovery towards the end of that year. It has natural origins according to researchers, and is related to SARS-CoV.

You can pick up the virus through close contact from infected persons and surfaces, and from breathing in droplets in the air and from touching your contaminated hands to your eyes, nose and mouth.

Symptoms vary from headaches to fever to difficulty breathing.

Symptoms tend to appear within a few days to a week.
It tends to deeply impact the older generations and those with weakened immune systems.

Why do Vaccines take so long to produce?


Thorough study of any virus or disease is required to create a barrier against it. This of course takes plenty of time, research and monetary funding.


While this itself may take ages, once the breakthrough is made, the proposed vaccine will need trial runs in order to pick up any signs of a Side effect that may possibly harm or worsen the condition of the patient receiving the vaccine. If untested vaccines are administered without the proper testing, it could lead to widespread death among the recipients.

Testing, Licensing and Government Approval

After individual trials, they are sent through a larger testing scheme involving a larger group of people, and tested against placebos, or vaccines of other diseases. They are observed on how the body reacts to the virus, immune responses and creation of antibodies. If successful in all its trials, it will be sent for licensing and distribution.


Once approved, the manufacturing and distribution will be closely monitored by health and government officials, which will include sanitization, work environment, work ethics, those in charge, facility inspection and testing the manufactured vaccine for potency and purity.

Besides this, any product manufacturing takes time. Now imagine manufacturing something needed to be given to every single person on this earth that is a total of 7.8 billion people. Need we say more?

What are the effective ways to keep safe while we wait for a vaccine?

According to medical researchers, the basic ways to keep healthy and safe during this pandemic is to


Work from Home

Social Distancing

Medical grade and cloth face masks


Immunity Building



What is the Use of a Thermal Scanner and how does a Thermal Scanner work?

Primarily used at airports and during military operations, Infrared heat scanners detect infrared radiation from objects which are hidden.

Government offices and headquarters, factories, industrial outlets, hospitals and now even malls and stores have their own small Thermal Scanners.

Increased pressure to mass screen at airports, and other sectors have caused a surge in further developing health based technology.

In light of the pandemic, Thermal Guns are being held up to each person in order to suss out the infected person.

The recorded temperature will be displayed numerically and if said individual has a fever, it will alert the authorities who will then conduct medical tests.

If the scan is being done by non-medical personal and non-government staff, then the sick individual will not be allowed to enter that public arena, store or society he is visiting.

How are Thermal Scanners effective in detecting Coronavirus?

When scanning each person with handheld or touchless thermal scanners, if a person with an elevated body temperature is picked up by the scanner, the scanner will alert the security of the high temperature with light and sound alarms.

However the differences in temperature may vary depending on how far along this person has been a carrier.

There are some cases where carriers do not show symptoms or have fevers, but instead may pass it on to another human being. ( This is why people are advised to stay indoors as much as possible and to wear masks and apply sanitizers when outdoors)

There is also a chance where a person with a high temperature may not have sickness as there are other factors that may cause the increase in temperature.

Nevertheless, prevention is better than cure. So it is ALWAYS safe to assume that high temperature equals sickness, and until that person is medically confirmed to not be a carrier of coronavirus, only then, he can move freely.

What you should know about the NUOS IR Touchless Thermal Scanner

If using the NUOS IR Touchless Thermal Scanner, simply mount this device on the wall or surface area at the entrance of your building complex, mall, public arena, office, industrial complex etc.

This device does not require a human to operate and does the work perfectly by itself without being touched. This way it does not transmit any germs through touch from one individual to another.

The NUOS IR Touchless Thermal Scanner, unlike other devices

Does not need to be manually operated.

Is mounted on the wall at general eye level i.e. this way it does not need to be held up.

Alerts the authorities or inhabitants if the visitor has any sort of high body temperature.

Does not depend on battery life and is a plug in system.

Delivers effective results within 1 second.

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