• Let’s you customize moods that can be saved on the NUOS mobile application.
  • Allows you to schedule electrical devices and appliances such as the AC or TV by setting a weekly schedule on your mobile phone.
  • Allows you to set your home to be at perfect temperature and gives you real-time climate data-tracking.
  • Maps your lifestyle and automatically sets the ambient lighting the way you prefer it.


  • Power-on the NUOS Gateway and download the NUOS App on your smartphone.
  • With just a few clicks you can control all your automated appliances from anywhere in the world.
  • Not only you can save your favourite settings for your every mood and customize entire ambiences with just one touch, but you will also get SMS alerts when the system senses something is wrong.
  • With security, comfort, lighting and convenience in the palm of your hand, you're always in control of your home.


  • Gives you air-tight security with smart sensors that sense any potential threat and alert you through real-time notifications.
  • Sends you live video feed through IP camera integration from anywhere in the world.
  • Allows you to remotely lock/unlock your doors.


  • Get real-time electricity usage data on your smartphone on a weekly/monthly basis.
  • Study energy consumption for each appliance and get alerts on faulty consumption
  • Study daily usage patterns in terms of time and energy


  • Gives you remote access from anywhere in the world.
  • Let’s you switch ON/OFF the lights and control the lighting intensity from anywhere in the world.
  • Allows you to switch ON/OFF and regulate the speed of your fans.
  • Gives you the ability to open and close your curtains.
  • Let’s you control your IR-devices such as AC and TV.


  • No re-wiring, no renovation needed, Just change switches and upgrade to NUOS Home automation is designed for perfect retro-fitting.
  • All you need to do is replace your existing switches with NUOS switches.
  • Then sit back, and let your home indulge you.

How It Works


Replace your regular switches with

It is a one-time activity can can be done by any local electrician. Basic electrical wiring knowledge is required, concept of Live, Neutral & Earthing is to be known to install the switches and is just a matter of few minutes.


Plug the power cable and power adapter into the charging cradle, then into a power outlet, power on the device. The LED indicator should start blinking dark blue.

If the LED is blinking green instead of blue, then press and hold the setup button for 3 seconds till it indicates a blue light.

If you already have the app installed, simply skip to the Next Step »

Install the NUOS NUOS ( i IntuitThings) application from the Play Store or App Store on your Android or iOS phone, respectively.

If you are already registered on the NUOS NUOS system, you can skip to the Login »

  • Enter your eMail address.

  • Assign a password.

  • Repeat the same password.

  • Tap on ‘SIGN UP’.
  • Tap on ‘Ready’

  • Tap on ‘IntuitThings-xxxx’
  • If you see this screen, tap on ‘CHANGE OWNER’
  • Select the Wi-Fi network to connect

  • Enter the Wi-Fi password and tap on ‘CONNECT’
  • When the setup is successful, tap on ‘DONE’

Congratulations! You have successfully setup your interface and your home already looks smarter.

  • Select the Gateway which was added you earlier.
  • Select the Wi-Fi network to connect

  • Enter the Wi-Fi password and tap on ‘CONNECT’

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