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Managing the street lighting for a 60-acre bungalow development had turned into a mammoth task. :NUOS: handled it with ease and precision. They installed an automation system for the network of street lights and this sensor based system had made the whole task of managing the lights idiot-proof. We are even able to control it remotely using our phones. The whole job was handled professionally and they went out of their way to tailor a solution that catered to our needs. They were very knowledgeable about the technical aspects and were open to discussion and collaboration. We now have street lighting that works like a charm!

Ar. Ravi Desai
Sr. Associate Partner, Mihir Thaker Associates

As working parents. our child’s safety is always paramount. :NUOS: and their sensor-based system has made our life really easy and stress-free. The installation and activation was handled quite efficiently and we had it working no time. From the comfort of our rooms we can manage the lights throughout the house especially in the kids room, without having to worry about our child being scared.

Siddhi Saijan

As an architect I always want to give my clients the best home experience that money can buy them. While I believe in home automation and the enhanced experience it gives the home owner, I never suggested it to my clients as I felt the price never justified the output. That was until I met the :NUOS: team. I have since then used them for six housing projects and have got an overwhelmingly positive response. The cost effective systems can be easily monitored on cell phones thus enhancing accessibility. A smart, modern addition that I would recommend for everybody trying to integrate the concept of enhanced spaces.

Sarita Singh
Interior Designer

:NUOS: has provided me a perfect automation solution for my home. The system is so simple to use that my 80-year old parents are absolutely comfortable using it on their smartphones. The :NUOS: engineers are super efficient and within no time the entire house was fitted with smart switches, the app loaded on each of our smart phones and customised per our requirements. The team went out of their way to get me switches that matched my decor. Now my home is not only beautiful, it is super smart.

Prasad Bhagare
Director, EFC Projects Pvt. Ltd.

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