There was a time when we had a television set which was huge and occupied the whole table. But, as the technology evolved, it went through many changes. The whole persona of TV has changed now. It’s sleek and stylish look makes it more elegant and smart. That’s what we, at NUOS, try to make our products that are not only intelligent and flawless but also have a stylish look.

Our customer, Mr. Shashank Sawant, was not only impressed with the technology we provide but also with the slender look of the smart switches.

“Team NUOS perfectly understood my requirements and provided me with an apt solution. I was really impressed with the technology they provide. It has made my home smarter and indulgent. Because of the retrofit solution, it did not require any other civil work, hence the switches were installed in no time! The team really took an effort to get the right colour of the switches which will match the decor of my home!” – Shashank Sawant, Stock Broker.

You can find our products on the following link and request a demo to experience the indulgence!

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