They say there is always a solution to every problem. We, human beings, have a tremendous power of problem-solving. With this power, we are able to find a solution for every aspect of our life. Thanks to technology, it has cut down our efforts of search for a solution.
At NUOS, we strive to find automation solutions which are smart and intelligent. One of our customer, Ravi Desai, an architecture who had a project of designing farm houses spread over 18 acres in Karjat. For this project, he wanted a retrofit solution which will save power and would prevent all the lights switching on or off at the same time. He wanted a manual control as well.
Understanding his requirement we successfully installed a smart street light solution through which the lights can be on or off at a scheduled time. Through NUOS mobile app they can manually control the lights.
“Managing the street lighting for a 60-acre bungalow development had turned into a mammoth task. NUOS handled it with ease and precision. They installed an automation system for the network of street lights and this sensor based system had made the whole task of managing the lights idiot-proof. We are even able to control it remotely using our phones. The whole job was handled professionally and they went out of their way to tailor a solution that catered to our needs. They were very knowledgeable about the technical aspects and were open to discussion and collaboration. We now have street lighting that works like a charm!” – Ar. Ravi Desai (Sr. Associate Partner, Mihir Thaker Associates)
Want to have a smarter home? Click on the following link and get a demo to experience the indulgence!

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