There was a time when people were less aware of energy consumption. But today, people are becoming more aware of energy consumption. They prefer buying products which are energy saving. The concept of go green has been taken up to such an extent that people demand products which are efficient and results in low carbon emission.

Hence, we at NUOS aim to make our products not only intelligent and thoughtful but also energy savers which will help the environment. Our power measurement module helps you to keep a close look on the power usage which will definitely help to reduce the unnecessary power consumption. It is installed near the power meter of the house. The module is connected to the NUOS mobile app, which gives you all the updates of the energy consumption. You can set a certain limit of power consumption to the devices so that if the device exceeds the power consumption limit, you will immediately receive the alert on your smartphone. Let’s say, you have installed four LED bulbs in your home. But if one of them is consuming more energy than the limit set by you, the power measurement will instantly send an alert to your smartphone. So, that you can take the appropriate action.

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