Home is a place where we find our solidity. With the changing technology, it has revolutionized the way we live today. Thanks to the rise in the use of internet and smartphones, the world has become smaller. It is helping us to live effortlessly. That’s where home automation comes into the picture!

Home automation not only gives the pleasure and indulgence but also provides a smart solution which reduces our efforts of doing any work. These products are also designed in such way that its smart look adds richness in a house’s interior. Ms. Sarita Singh is our customer who is an architect. She always gives the best output to her customer, hence she wanted to add the touch of home automation which would change the whole experience of home comfort.

“As an architect, I always want to give my clients the best home experience that money can buy them. While I believe in home automation and the enhanced experience it gives the homeowner, I never suggested it to my clients as I felt the price never justified the output. That was until I met the 0 NUOS team. I have since then used them for six housing projects and have got an overwhelmingly positive response. The cost-effective systems can be easily monitored on cell phones thus enhancing accessibility. A smart, modern addition that I would recommend for everybody trying to integrate the concept of enhanced spaces” – Ms. Sarita Singh.

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