Its OK to have questions! We have listed down a few of the Frequently Asked Questions so as to help you understand the product better.


We provide a perfect retrofit automation solution in form of :NUOS: smart switches that replace the existing switches in the switchboard; keeping the wiring the same as the line neutral earthing and loading.


You can install :NUOS: automation yourself as it is a perfect retrofit solution that is extremely easy to install. All you need to do is follow the set-up process guidelines in the instruction manual. You can also seek any local electrician to set-up, unlike other home automations brands that may require system integrators or the company’s installation team.

The :NUOS: smart touch switches are sleek and stylised that come in a choice to 20 colour options. They are designed in such a manner that they enhance the look of the existing switchboard.


:NUOS: smart switches are intelligently designed to function two-way. They can be operated manually as well as with the NUOS mobile app. When you manually operate our switches, the ON/OFF status will reflect on your phone.


:NUOS: products are designed for perfect retrofitting and are compatible with your existing switchboard.

You can control lights, fans, and heavy-load appliances (appliances which come with a rating greater than 650 W such as AC, TV, Geyser etc.).

You can also control curtain motors as well.

You can select as many heavy load appliances as you want to automate with :NUOS: automation.

We integrate our product with your existing Wi-Fi router. In order to run the mobile application inside your house, you will not require internet connection.

For controlling your house from outside, you would need internet on your mobile phone as well as inside your house.

PS: During the initial one-time setup (device registrations) you will require Internet even at the place of installation.

If you are inside your house, you can control them with Wi-Fi even without internet connection. Also the :0: smart switches are also operational as a regular switch.

But, you need an internet connection when you are outside your home.

You should be able to control your appliances when you are in the house if you have Wi-Fi connectivity.

If you are outside, you will need an internet connection.


You can turn on as many devices as you want. It will not affect the internet speed.

You can control any number of heavy load appliances with the :NUOS: automation system. We provide a separate hardware for controlling heavy load appliances for a minimal additional cost.

Dimming is possible in fans as well as lights. For non-dimmable lights, we suggest our customers to install an additional driver, which we can provide.

YES!, you can with your mobile.

The :NUOS: app is Android or iOS and works with any data (3G/4G) connections.

You can control one appliance per switch. You can go for multiple appliances too, however you need to ensure that the sum of wattages doesn’t exceed 300W.


:NUOS: smart switch also work as a fan regulator as well. You can regulate fan speed with your mobile phone.

Each :NUOS: Chief can support 254 appliances in total as a connection.

You can alway configure multiple Chiefs to increase your capacity.

You can place it anywhere but the best place is right beside your Wi-Fi router to avoid range problems occurring due to limited range of the router.

The switches will communicate with each other.

The current state of the appliances remains the same when the power resumes after an outage. The :NUOS: Chief gateway will store the states in the memory and they will be displayed exactly as left earlier.


:NUOS: supports the integration of your IP wireless security camera with the :NUOS: app.


:NUOS: support the integration of your door lock.

:NUOS: only supports the integration of curtain motors providing two basic actions:

  • Full Separation
  • Full Closure

We provide warranty for a year on all the products.

After which, AMC of 10% will be applicable for the 2nd and 3rd year, and 12% AMC is applicable for the 4th and 5th year.

However, troubleshooting can be handled by any local electrician.

We are constantly committed to provide you the best possible security solution.

The encryption used by us is AES 128 bit which is the same as any credit card transaction security.

You can replace the switch with another :NUOS: switch.

Replacement with a manual switch is also possible (but then the automation for that appliance, will be lost).

You can share login details with your family members. Also, configure one gateway on different accounts.

Maximum of 254 applications can be handled by a single :0: Chief / gateway. You can configure more than one:0: Chief / gateway also.

Your phone acts as a remote. Hence, you don’t need another one.

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