The brain is catalyst part of the body who monitors all of our body functions. It commands and controls most of our actions. Just like the brain, all of the machines have a central command center which monitors all its functions. In home automation, a small device called as ‘gateway’, acts as a central body of the home automation system. It is a bridge that connects wireless devices to the Internet.

NUOS Spaces: Chief is a gateway of NUOS products. All of our product are connected to the Chief. It acts as a gateway. The commands sent from the NUOS mobile app installed on the smartphone goes through the gateway which further sends them to the respective products installed. Lights, fans, AC, TV, door lock, curtain controller, security sensors and security camera all these products are connected to Chief. Petit in size, it does not occupy any space. It is almost non-visible. It’s sleek and stylish design goes with any decor of the house.

Home automation is definitely revolutionizing the smart living!

Experience the smart living with NUOS Home Automation. Request for a demo on the following link!


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